Sunday, 6 May 2012

May 的流水

3th /May
first date with him, he left . without a word about what's going to happen.

6th/May chilly weather
 The reasons to love london.
1. while its already spring it still feel like November.
but the trees and flower didn't forgot to bloom.
outside the tube, the blue bell pop up from the weeds.
On the way to Old street, the tree blossom with blue flower which i have never seen before.

London, its a city you can easy fall in love with.
but don't think it will love you back..
at least not the way you expected.

13/may Mother's Sunday    / Sunny thank you London.
Today is mothers day in Taiwan.
i Called my ganny this morning ,
its 5pm in taiwan,
she said she is cooking fish for my 菇 who went out for swimming.
i said i'm hungry.
she said:
 來我煎魚給妳吃 :)

15/may  mother F raining still!

I stole his "A clockwork orange" pin.
I was a bit surprise when  how panic he was when he found out the pin that suppose to site on his shoulder was gone.
I felt a sudden guilt.
But I couldn't tell him the pin is just right under my pillow,  I knew that, because I put it there, when he went to the toilet.

He rushed to the door , without saying goodbye, I shouted out : I'm sorry for your pin.
The shoulder pad of his leather jacket, swing in the air like a beaten soldier who just lost the war and keep his head sinking like a stone.

I think i will give him back the pin, when I able to claim my heart back, I'll give it back to him ,the same day.