Sunday, 1 July 2012


1th / July sunny windy showering what can you complain its London
呼最壞的已經過去, 喝口水喘口氣
她非常年輕且無憂無慮,我身兼重擔 並且年輕並不是會用來形容的字句.
因為我方重生, 根本是一個全新的靈魂
因為這是宇宙的運行 潮起潮落 生生不息 我知道最壞的已經過去

10/July its raining cats and dogs out there
Called my old man the other day.
He said to me your old room is exactly the same as you left.
We didn't touch it at all.
Come back and you can live there still .........
and if you come back,....., dot 't go out again.

It's the freedom i crave.
I would rather die then go back there.
I am sorry
my old man.

I am drawn to the sea.
kindred |ˈkindrid|

noun [treated as pl. ]
one's family and relations.
• relationship by blood ties of kindred.
adjective [ attrib. ]
similar in kind; related books on kindred subjects.
ORIGIN Middle English : from kin -red (from Old English rǣden [condition] ), with insertion of -d- in the modern spelling through phonetic development (as inthunder).個着海我找到了kindred of mine.一些跟我喜歡相似東西的人們..
29/July So this is LOVE.the thing i have been spent 25 years to wonder what it will look like.Sothis is how it looks like.

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